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Seduced by the Big Data meme: Hadoop vs the Public Cloud

Currently Cloudera is in the news for all the wrong reasons Cloudera stock down 42 Since Cloudera now also incorporates Hortonworks the current issues are just the latest in the Big Data woes. Apparently the third vendor commercialising open...

How to Install and Run Hadoop on Windows for Beginners

Introduction Hadoop is a software framework from Apache Software Foundation that is used to store and process Big Data. It has two main components; Hadoop Distributed File System HDFS its storage system and MapReduce is its data processing framew...

What is the Difference Between Hadoop and Spark

Hadoop and Spark are software frameworks from Apache Software Foundation that are used to manage Big Data . There is no particular threshold size which classifies data as big data but in simple terms it is a data set that is too h...


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