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15+ Great Books for Hadoop

Books for Hadoop & Map Reduce

  • Hadoop: The Definitive Guide by Tom White

    The Definitive guide is in some ways the ‘hadoop bible’, and can be an excellent reference when working on Hadoop, but do not expect it to provide a simple getting started tutorial for writing a Map Reduce. This book is great for really understanding how everything works and how all the systems fit together.

  • Hadoop Operations by Eric Sammer

    This is the book if you need to know the ins and outs of prototyping, deploying, configuring, optimizing, and tweaking a production Hadoop system. Eric Sammer is a very knowledgeable engineer, so this book is chock full of goodies.

  • Map Reduce Design Patterns by Donald Miller and Adam Shook

    Design Patterns is a great resource to get some insight into how to do non-trivial things with Hadoop. This book goes into useful detail on how to design specific types of algorithms, outlines why they should be designed that way, and provides examples.

  • Hadoop in Action by Chuck Lam

    One of the few non-O’Reilly books in this list, Hadoop in Action is similar to the definitive guide in that it provides a good reference for what Hadoop is and how to use it. It seems like this book provides a more gentle introduction to Hadoop compared to the other books in this list.

  • Hadoop in Practice by Alex Holmes

    A slightly more advanced guide to running Hadoop. It includes chapters that detail how to best move data around, how to think in Map Reduce, and (importantly) how to debug and optimize your jobs.

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