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4 Predictions for Data Science in 2018

Being one of the most interesting topics to have a conversation on nowadays, Data Science is developing every minute and we got to keep pace with the changes taking place in the huge and complex world of Data Science.

An issue that has been worrying a lot of organizations today is the shortage of individuals with data science skills. As per a report by IBM, by the year 2020, the demand for data science professionals is going to expand by 30 percent, however, the chances of this demand being sully met are quite bleak.

If you visit LinkedIn, you will come across nearly 6000 job postings for data scientists. And this high need for talented data scientists is not only being experienced by the United States but almost all the nations around the globe are facing the same challenge.

In this article, we are going to discuss the trends along with predictions that are likely to drive the popular field of data science in the years to come.

1. The responsibilities & skills of data scientist will be defined clearly

The data scientist has become more of a buzzword these days. The job specifications for a data scientist have become a bit fuzzy.

In the next few years, employers will become a little more particular about the kind of knowledge and skills sets that these data scientists are supposed to possess – the capability to construct as well as test hypothesis, an understanding of statistics and visualization, a knowledge of machine learning along with skills of creating models.

2. Machine learning will gain some major popularity

If we go by the data provided by LinkedIn, you will see that professionals with machine learning skills are more in demand as compared to data scientists. The site shows nearly 2000 data engineer job openings these days and this trend is only going to grow.

There are at least ten times more data engineers working for diverse organizations today than there were about five years ago. Candidates who wish to be more versatile will now make the efforts to club their software engineering skills with data science. And this is the best way for them to land a high paying job.

3. Data Scientists with the ability to design will be highly needed

Organizations in increasing numbers are becoming well-aware of the power of data and how it can be used to support the decision making for driving business.

There is critical need to socialize data across the whole company which requires capable data scientists who possess the skills to design data in a way that it is visually pleasant as well as easy to understand. Such data scientists are being hired in large numbers and the demand is going to grow further.

4. Qualified Data Scientists will be given preference by the hiring managers

You are expected to be highly qualified in order to become a data scientist. Most data scientists hold either a master’s degree or a Ph.D. in science-related subjects. Moreover, even experienced data scientists go for relevant data science certifications for keeping their knowledge and skills up to date.

This field requires you to take up the habit of lifelong learning. And the finest way to do that is by pursuing Data Science Certification programs every now and then. And this trend is picking up the pace and more & more individuals will be seen earning potent certifications in data science.

With every organization becoming data-driven, even someone who is a general data science professional can become highly successful today. You just have to be a little more careful about every career move you make.




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