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Don't Get Hadooped

Guest blog post by Anna Anisin

It seems like more and more companies are very interested in either, improving or setting up their analytical capabilities. All these companies are quite attracted to Hadoop, Spark or other similar solutions, not necessarily because they solve real problems they’re facing, but because they are shiny, trendy pieces of technology.

Hadoop, Spark and others are fantastic pieces of technology, and there are plenty of use cases to justify their use. But they aren’t right or even slightly helpful to everyone.

Here are 3 Common Mistakes Companies Make with Hadoop:

  1. If your data can fit in memory on a standard EC2 machine, you do not have big data
  2. Hadoop is a technology, not a solution
  3. Hadoop != Map-Reduce

If you, or others you know, have been a victim of shiny technology syndrome and fallen for Hadoop when you didn't need it, please share your story. 

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