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List of NoSQL Databases

Guest blog post by Mirko Krivanek

Interesting article posted on, listing 150 databases. Here are some highlights.

Databases are categorized in the following categories:

  • Wide Column Store / Column Families
  • Document Store
  • Key Value / Tuple Store
  • Graph Databases 
  • Multimodel Databases
  • Object Databases
  • Grid & Cloud Database Solutions
  • XML Databases
  • Multidimensional Databases
  • Multivalue Databases
  • Event Sourcing
  • Network Model
  • other NoSQL related databases
  • unresolved and un-categorized

Example of graph database representation

Here are the databases from the first category:

  • Hadoop / HBase - API: Java / any writer, Protocol: any write call, Query Method: MapReduce Java / any exec, Replication: HDFS Replication, Written in: Java, Concurrency: ?, Misc: Links: 3 Books [1, 2, 3]
  • Cassandra -  massively scalable, partitioned row store, masterless architecture, linear scale performance, no single points of failure, read/write support across multiple data centers & cloud availability zones. API / Query Method: CQL and Thrift, replication: peer-to-peer, written in: Java, Concurrency: tunable consistency, Misc: built-in data compression, MapReduce support, primary/secondary indexes, security features. Links: DocumentationPlanetC*Company.
  • Hypertable -  API: Thrift (Java, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, etc.), Protocol: Thrift, Query Method: HQL, native Thrift API, Replication: HDFS Replication, Concurrency: MVCC, Consistency Model: Fully consistent Misc: High performance C++ implementation of Google's Bigtable. » Commercial support
  • Accumulo -  Accumulo is based on BigTable and is built on top of HadoopZookeeper, and Thrift. It features improvements on the BigTable design in the form of cell-based access control, improvedcompression, and a server-side programming mechanism that can modify key/value pairs at various points in the data management process.
  • Amazon SimpleDB - Misc: not open source / part of AWS, Book (will be outperformed by DynamoDB ?!)
  • Cloudata - Google's Big table clone like HBase. » Article
  • Cloudera - Professional Software & Services based on Hadoop.
  • HPCC - from LexisNexisinfoarticle
  • Stratosphere - massively parallel & flexible data analytics platform, API: Java, Scala, Query Method:expressive data flows (extended M/R, rich UDFs, iteration support), Data Store: independent(e.g., HDFS, S3, MongoDB), Written in: Java, License: Apache License V2.0, Misc: good integration with Hadoop stack (HDFS, YARN), source code on Github

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