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7 familiar myths regarding Big Data analytics

Big Data analytics is in the buzz since a while, but people still have various misconceptions about it and the way it functions to assist you in transforming your business goals. Irrespective of the industry you are into, your company processes a huge amount of data raw data that can be tapered to a more organized form.

Let’s have a look on the common myths about Big Data:-

1. Big Data means lots of data

When you hear Big Data, instinctively an image of loads of data floats in your mind. Big Data is not all about having a huge bank of information which is hardly of any use, it means having quality data which is useful for your business. Having a huge data bank means, it is prone to have redundant and duplicate entries. Big Data analytics helps you streamline the right data, irrespective of the quantity.

2. Big Data is extremely essential

Having raw and unprocessed data is practically of no value for an organization, unless it is sorted and effectively organized to meet the specific nee

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