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cloudkit (1)

  • BY Paul Young - Freelance Sofware Engineer

    These days, modern mobile application development requires a well thought-out plan for keeping user data in sync across various devices. This is a thorny problem with many gotchas and pitfalls, but users expect the feature, and expect it to work well.

    For iOS and macOS, Apple provides a robust toolkit, called CloudKit API, which allows developers targeting Apple platforms to solve this synchronization problem.

    In this article, I’ll demonstrate how to use CloudKit to keep a user’s data in sync between multiple clients. It’s intended for experienced iOS developers who are already familiar with Apple’s frameworks and with Swift. I’m going to take a fairly deep technical dive into the CloudKit API to explore ways you can leverage this technology to make awesome multi-device apps. I’ll focus on an iOS application, but the same approach can be used for macOS clients as well.

    Our example…

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