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Today, two of the most popular technologies are Big Data and Cloud Computing that are fundamentally different. On one hand, Big Data is all about dealing with huge data amount. On the other hand, cloud computing is all about handling enterprise infrastructure. Both of these technologies have simplified many business operations together. One of the good examples of the merger of these technologies is Amazon “Elastic Map Reduce” that leverages the power of Big Data Processing and Cloud Computing both. 

The combination of both technologies yields beneficial outcomes for organizations. However, both technologies are in their evolution phase but the combination of both the technologies may leverage cost-effective and scalable business solutions. 

So, can we assume that cloud computing and big data is the perfect and leveraging combination? Well, this article is all about the effect of big data and cloud computing technologies on business operations. 

The Rapport of Big Data and Cloud Computing

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The SAP engineers as well as the software professionals at Sapphire Now have offlate been discussing the possible restrictions and likelihood for SAP S/4HANA for acting as a robust platform primarily for the purpose of managing the enterprise based strategies for Internet of Things as well as Big Data.

The general notion in the mindset of the people is that Internet of Things (IoT) is capable of sending out a tidal wave of enormous quantities of data in any enterprise. It is has been projected that billions of controllers and sensors, who are all capable of connecting to some other machine for the instruction and analysis, are eagerly waiting for the creation of trillions of data events along with transactions. The SAP managers and engineers has gone ahead and shared their views through a series of conversations when they were probed on how an organization could simply reconcile huge data quantities with in-memory built-for-speed computing.

Initially the SAP engineers admitted that sea

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HDFS vs. HBase : All you need to know


The sudden increase in the volume of data from the order of gigabytes to zettabytes has created the need for a more organized file system for storage and processing of data. The demand stemming from the data market has brought Hadoop in the limelight making it one of biggest players in the industry. Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), the commonly known file system of Hadoop and Hbase (Hadoop’s database) are the most topical and advanced data storage and management systems available in the market.

What are HDFS and HBase?

HDFS is fault-tolerant by design and supports rapid data transfer between nodes even during system failures. HBase is a non-relational and open source Not-Only-SQL database that runs on top of Hadoop. HBase comes under CP type of CAP (Consistency, Availability, and Partition Tolerance) theorem.

HDFS is most suitable for performing batch analytics. However, one of its biggest drawbacks is its inability to perform real-time analysis, the trending requirement of

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In any hiring process, a candidate with a professional certification always gets extra attention. Here are a few of the certifications in data science.

IBM Certified Data Architect -- Big Data

By this training, you will be able to master your skills in handling big data. The data architect will be having knowledge in different big data technologies, knowing their differences and then finally integrate them to find solutions of any business obscurity. The certification holder will be able to plan big data processors and help in the hardware and software architecture planning. This course is certified by IBM named as IBM Big data and is an added advantage to get your resume shortlisted in Interviews.

EMC Data Scientist Associate (EMCDSA) – EMC

By this certification, the candidate will gain the ability to work together as a team in the projects dealing with big data. Once you do this certification, you will be able to deploy the lifecycle of data analytics, rebuilding an analytics challe

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Choice is a good thing, but too much choice can lead to confusion and to buyers taking a “wait-and-see” approach until the market coalesces around the eventual winners. Lack of choice was an important factor in how quickly and readily companies bought into the RDBMS movement 30 or so years ago. I believe that too much choice is holding companies back from buying into the Hadoop / NoSQL movement.
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Hadoop is the hot new technology and SQL is the old, tried and tested tool for diving deep into big data, for analysis. This is true, but the number of projects that are putting an SQL front end on Hadoop data stores shows that there is a real need for data querying high level languages in the Hadoop environment. Hadoop MapReduce being a complicated tool for data analysis, developers had come up with Pig and Hive – similar to SQL, which makes it easy to implement Hadoop, without the need for coding in Java, to analyze data.  It is important to understand how different these are from each other – this is so that each can be optimally utilized for the right use case.

In the present age of Big Data, a number of querying options are available. While the old giant SQL continues to rein supremacy, organizations’ affinity towards open source programming and querying languages to tame Big Data has created plenty of space for Apache based Pig and Hive. Choosing the right weapon is often half t

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5 Reasons To Learn Hadoop

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Big Data and Hadoop skill could mean the difference between having your dream career and getting left behind. Dice has  quoted, “Technology professionals should be volunteering for Big Data projects, which makes them more valuable to their current employer and more marketable to other employers.”

1. Career with Hadoop:

According to 90 executives who participated in the ‘The Big Data Executive Survey 2013’ conducted by NewVantage Partners LLC, supported by the Fortune 1000 senior Business & Technology executives, 90% of the organizations surveyed are already doing something with Big Data.

Resources to Help :

Career with hadoop

Hadoop skills are in demand – this is an undeniable fact! Hence, there is an urgent need for IT professional to keep themselves in trend with Hadoop and Big Data technologies. The above info gr

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Better Risk Management with Apache Hadoop and Red Hat

Join us for the latest DSC Webinar on March 3, 2015

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Join us March 3, 2015 at 9am PST for our latest DSC's Webinar Series: Better Risk Management with Apache Hadoop and Red Hat sponsored by Hortonworks and Red Hat.

Organization firms are operating under significantly increased regulatory requirements in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. The risk management systems that each firm operates must respond not only to new reporting requirements but also handle ever-growing amounts of data to perform more comprehensive analysis. Existing systems that aren't designed to scale for today’s requirements can't finish reporting in time for start of trading. And, many of these systems are inflexible and expensive to operate.

Attend this webinar we will: 
  • Provide a modern data architecture for financial services risk management.
  • Present use cases and best p
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R + Hadoop = Data Analytics Heaven

Hadoop (MapReduce where code is turned into map and reduce jobs, and Hadoop runs the jobs) is the most well known technology used for "Big Data" because it allows an organization to store huge quantities of data at very low costs. R is a programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics. Put the two together to provide easy to use R interfaces for the distributed computing Hadoop environment and you have one king-hell data crunching tool for serious data analytics. RHadoop is a small, open-source package developed by Revolution Analytics that binds R to Hadoop and allows for the representation of MapReduce algorithms using R - allowing data scientists access to Hadoop’s scalability from their favorite language, R. It allows users to write general MapReduce programs, offering the full power and ecosystem of an existing, established programming language.
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Hadoop Online Training 50 % Off

Attune University, one of the most comprehensive online learning university, offers self-paced, online and offline trainings on a wide array of open source technologies. Today, when the demand for learning, qualified, experienced and trained IT professionals is segmenting at an unprecedented rate; there is an astounding requisite of experienced and well-qualified trainers who can help the IT aspirants to reach their dream job. However, geographical barriers play their role and it becomes difficult for most of the IT aspirants to reach the right trainers. But Attune University is aimed at bridging this gap and brings IT training right at your doorstep. On the occasion of Good Friday, Attune University is making learning even more affordable by offering lucrative discounts to the students worldwide. There are three different offers being offered by Attune; for that can be availed from 12th April – 21st April from any part of the world.
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The MapReduce of Hadoop is a widely-used parallel computing framework. However, its code reuse mechanism is inconvenient, and it is quite cumbersome to pass parameters. Far different from our usual experience of calling the library function easily, I found both the coder and the caller must bear a sizable amount of precautions in mind when writing even a short pieces of program for calling by others.
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