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The SAP engineers as well as the software professionals at Sapphire Now have offlate been discussing the possible restrictions and likelihood for SAP S/4HANA for acting as a robust platform primarily for the purpose of managing the enterprise based strategies for Internet of Things as well as Big Data.

The general notion in the mindset of the people is that Internet of Things (IoT) is capable of sending out a tidal wave of enormous quantities of data in any enterprise. It is has been projected that billions of controllers and sensors, who are all capable of connecting to some other machine for the instruction and analysis, are eagerly waiting for the creation of trillions of data events along with transactions. The SAP managers and engineers has gone ahead and shared their views through a series of conversations when they were probed on how an organization could simply reconcile huge data quantities with in-memory built-for-speed computing.

Initially the SAP engineers admitted that sea

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The advent of sharing economy has brought a sea change in the way urban populace commute locally. The Ubers, Lyfts and many other local players have made taxi riding convenient, affordable and safe. These rides have emerged as a strong alternative to the public transport clocking millions of rides per month in some cities. The emergence of hyper-local delivery models to optimize the supply chain has also led to a large number of daily trips by these vehicles.

These developments have mandated the installations of either standalone or smartphone app-based GPS devices to keep track of and better regulate these rides and a fleet of taxis. These GPS systems spew a ton of data generating up to GBs of data per second. With the automobile & technology experts predicting that self-driving cars would replace human-driven cars in no more than a decade, the volume and velocity of GPS data is only set to increase. With that context in mind, it becomes imperative to understand the GPS data and

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