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It seems there are many books available and there are many on the topics of Big Data, NoSQL and Cloud, however for non-technical managers/executives, these sound Buzz Words. The book on this topic is now available at the given link: This is a book for the readers, who want to explore the knowledge about Big Data, NoSQL (Not only Structured Query Language) and Cloud, which is a paradigm shift that we are witnessing in our contemporary world.

The types of data has gone off the charts and we deal with data in so many formats in one of our ordinary day, that once analyzed can easily depict our pattern to live on daily basis. This data is stored somewhere, and is being analyzed by the organizations for various purposes.However, as a consumer of this data these organizations than target specific audience, which might be receptive to their products, services etc. The impact of Big Data is a reality and we cannot simply turn away from this humongous data.

This book is a collection of articles with references provided and are written for anyone to read and establish an understanding, where he/she is heading and what can be the best course that can be taken to make sure his/her data is secure, private and not being manipulated by someone unwillingly of the owner’s choice.

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