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The Growth of Hadoop from 2006 to 2014

Here is the history and milestones for Hadoop, between 2006 and 2014.

Historical Google research papers (2006):

Number of posting per month on the very active Apache Hadoop mailing list.

Number of Google searches for Hadoop, compared with data science, big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. The letters A, B, C, etc. on each curve represents milestones for the keyword in question. Click on the link to check what these milestones are.

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    • fraud detection (credit card fraud in real time)
    • designing customized drugs based on patient feedback (the data does not even exist yet)
    • local, long-term weather forecasts (they use graph databases more so than hadoop)
    • signal processing (astronony, sensor data, traffic monitoring and traffic alerts, automated piloting, air and water pollution)
    • high frequency trading
    • econometrics models that could leverage billions of data points / events / metrics
    • competitive intelligence (analysing what users says about your product, competitor products, and finding industry trends to predict booms and busts)
    • detecting new hot topics, predicting epidemics as soon as possible, including how fast/where they spread
    • customized pricing (hotels, air tickets, books) and detection of best deals by browsing billions of web pages
    • plagiarism, spam and copyright infringement detection
    • automated text summaries and sentiment extraction (helping lawyers or recommendation engines)
    • anti-terrorism efforts 
    • mobile data
    • electric grids / energy optimization (more a graph database problem)
    • automated detection of errors and fraud in tax filings (combing IRS data with other sources of data such bank transactions, Twitter discussions etc.)
  • These trends are sort of the 'input' of the Hadoop/Big Data desire. Is there a metric to be had that is focused on the 'output' of using big data solutions? Which problems got solved that were stuck due to the lack of affordable analytics? Web search is clearly one, and it is generating lots of revenue to those companies that have business models around that problem. 

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