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Top 10 Hadoop Blog Posts - by Pivotal

Apache Hadoop has become the dominant platform for Big Data analytics in recent years, thanks to its flexibility, reliability, scalability, and ability to suit the needs of developers, web startups, and enterprise IT. Hadoop is capable of real-time analytics and is cost-effective given its ability to run on commodity hardware, and boasts a robust developer ecosystem supporting the platform's continued development and extensibility.

Pivotal is backed by the world's largest Hadoop support organization and tested at scale in the 1,000-node Pivotal Analytics Workbench. The Apache Hadoop platform has been ascendant in recent years and we've tracked our top ten Hadoop blog posts here.

Hadoop 101: Programming MapReduce with Native Libraries, Hive, Pig, and Cascading
Apache Hadoop and all its flavors of distributions are the hottest technologies on the market. Its fundamentally changing how we store, use and share data...Read more

Pivotal's New Big Data Suite Redefines the Economics of Big Data Including UNLIMITED Hadoop to Enterprises 
The Big Data battleground has been an interesting market to watch lately. Centered around Apache Hadoop, and surrounded by an active ecosystem of commercial ventures and open source projects, this space is unfolding fast...Read more

In 45 Min, Set Up Hadoop (Pivotal HD) on a Multi-VM Cluster & Run Test Data
Getting started with Hadoop can take up a lot of time, but it doesn't have to...Read more

Large-Scale Video Analytics on Hadoop
Big Data is no longer a new term, its a fact, and its one of the fastest growing area in IT...Read more

6 Easy Steps: Deploy Pivotal's Hadoop on Docker
While Hadoop is becoming more and more mainstream, many development leaders want to speed up and reduce errors in their development and deployment processes (i.e. devops) by using platforms like PaaS and lightweight runtime containers... Read more

In-Memory Data Grid + Hadoop: Integrated Real-Time Big Data Platform Previewed at SpringOne 2GX 2013
Apache Hadoop is gaining tremendous momentum, as it is becoming the ubiquitous answer to managing massive amounts of data from disparate sources at a very low cost...Read more

Using Hadoop MapReduce for Distributed Video Transcoding 
Surveillance cameras installed in enterprise facilities and public places produce lots of video data every day...Read more

Exploring Big Data Solutions: When To Use Hadoop vs In-Memory vs MPP
In the past, customers constrained by licenses have had to make architectural choices that are a bad fit, based solely on what licenses they currently own...Read more

JSON on Hadoop Example for Extending HAWQ Data Formats Using Pivotal eXtension Framework (PXF)
In my last post, I demonstrated a simple data workflow using Flume to pull raw JSON tweets from Twitter and store them on your HDFS cluster. These tweets were then analyzed using HAWQ and the Pivotal Xtension Framework (PXF)...Read more

Transform Your Skills: Simple Steps to Set Up SQL on Hadoop
As technologists, we don't have to look any further than a couple of job trend sites to realize Hadoop skills are growing when compared to SQL...Read more

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