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Andrei Macsin



Field of Expertise Other

Professional Status Technical

Years of Experience: 15

Interests: Other

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Originally posted on Data Science Central
Innovation Enterprise has compiled a top 30 list for individuals in big data that have had a large impact on the development or popularity of the industry. 

Here is an interesting list of top 30 people in…
Guest blog post by Athanassios Hatzis
Association in Topic Map Data Model
In the previous article of this series we examined the association construct from the perspective of Entity-Relationship data model. In this post we demonstrate h…
Guest blog post by Alessandro Piva
The proliferation of data and the huge potentialities for companies to turn data into valuable insights are increasing more and more the demand of Data Scientists.
But what skills and educational background must a…
Guest blog post by Athanassios Hatzis
Relation, Relationship and Association
While most players in the IT sector adopted Graph or Document databases and Hadoop based solutions, Hadoop is an enabler of HBase column store, it went almost unnoticed tha…
Originally posted on Data Science Central

Recently, in a previous post, we reviewed a path to leverage legacy Excel data and import CSV files thru MySQL into Spark 2.0.1. This may apply frequently in businesses where data retention did not always t…
Guest blog post by Robert J. Abate.
In the past, I have published on the value of information, big data, advanced analytics and the Abate Information Triangle and have recently been asked to give my humble opinion on the future of Big Data.
I have b…
Guest blog post by Marc Borowczak

Moving legacy data to modern big data platform can be daunting at times. It doesn’t have to be. In this short tutorial, we’ll briefly review an approach and demonstrate on my preferred data set: This isn’t a ML r…
Fast forward transformation process in data science with Apache Spark

Data Curation :
Curation is a critical process in data science that helps to prepare data for feature extraction to run with machine learning algorithms. Curation generally inv…
This reference is a part of a new series of DSC articles, offering selected tutorials, references/resources, and interesting articles on subjects such as deep learning, machine learning, data science, deep data science, artificial intelligence, Inte…
Question originally posted on Data Science Central
I am Java and hadoop developer. I have hands on experience in Java, Mapreduce,Pig, Hive,Sqoop etc. Now I want to become hadoop data sceintist. Let me know which skills are required for this role.
Guest blog post by Kashif Saiyed
Does Big Data mean Hadoop? Not really, however when one thinks of the term Big Data, the first thing that comes to mind is Hadoop along with heaps of unstructured data. An exceptional lure for data scientists having…
Originally posted on Data Science Central
Introducing Data Science teaches you how to accomplish the fundamental tasks that occupy data scientists. Using the Python language and common Python libraries, you'll experience firsthand the challe…
Originally posted on Data Science Central
Summary:  This is the first in a series of articles aimed at providing a complete foundation and broad understanding of the technical issues surrounding an IoT or streaming system so that the reader can make…
Originally posted on Analytic Bridge
By Dan Kellett, Director of Data Science, Capital One UK
Disclaimer: This is my attempt to explain some of the ‘Big Data’ concepts using basic analogies. There are inevitably nuances my analogy misses.
What i…