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manchun posted a blog post
Data is an advantage for industries as it benefits them make up-to-date choices. Strange! Data is being produced at an extraordinary rate and establishments are hording it like there’s not any tomorrow, generating enormous data groups we call big da…
Jun 7, 2017
manchun posted a blog post
Find below the list of Hadoop interview questions and answers jotted down to help job seekers
Question: What is Hadoop and its workings?
Answer: When “Big Data” appeared as problematic, Apache Hadoop changed as an answer to it. Apache Hadoop is a co…
Apr 26, 2017
manchun posted a blog post
From the last few years, big data technology has sustained to change and become more creativity ready in terms of usability, back-up, retrieval, and presentation. Elsewhere merely analyzing why something occurred, big data has permitted us to proact…
Mar 17, 2017